India Expels Two Pak Diplomats For Espionage

The military intelligence and Delhi Police’s Special Cell directed a joint operation. The operation helped in capturing the three staff individuals from the Pakistan high commission. These individuals were engaged in the act of attempting to trade taken ordered reports and confidential documents. Therefore, the engaging of individuals in this act may further strain the tensed situations between India and its threatening neighbor Pakistan.

The name of these three individuals is Abid Hussain, Javed Hussain, and Tahir Khan. These three individuals had associations with ISI. Also, two of the individuals are declared as persona non grata by the Foreign Ministry. The Government has asked these individuals to leave the country by Monday. Last time, the Pakistani Diplomat was expelled in the year 2016.

Source: Times of India

The Ministry of External Affairs asked the diplomats to not to indulge in the activities incompatible with their status. Further, the Government has asked them to leave the country within 24 hours. India has registered protest against the actions of these individuals. The act of these individuals was against the National Security of India. Further, the Indian Government has asked to ensure that no member of the diplomatic relation shall indulge in these kinds of activities. FIR has been registered under the sections of the Official Secrets Act.

Response From Pakistan

On the other hand, Pakistan called it a violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. Subsequently, Pakistan said that charges of espionage against the individuals of the staff are unsubstantiated and false. Following the tit-for-tat policy, the Pakistani Government alleged that the individuals were tortured. And their space to act as a diplomat is also restricted.

Pakistan has further alleged that India is attempting to distract the focus from the Jammu and Kashmir Issue. Also, the BJP Government is trying to maintain its popularity by transferring the attention of people towards Pakistan. Further, Pakistan has asked the international community to step into and maintain stability in South-Asia.

Tahir Khan (44) and Abid Hussain (42) were found using fake Indian identity cards with fake names. They were traveling around the city in a car driven by Javed Hussain. They were put under the scanner after they tried contacting the defense personnel into espionage-related activities, the sources said.


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