Ind vs China LAC Jawan Streches

Indian Jawans Briefly Detained By China In Ladakh Last Week: Sources


A patrol party of the Indian Army and the Ino-Tibetan Border Police were apparently detained and then released by the excruciating Chinese forces.

This happened after a disorderly struggle between the tw sides broke out n Ladakh his week.

It was reported to have had taken place at the border meeting as tensio between the 2 countris surge along the Line of Actual Control.


The Indian Forces have nonetheless given a brief to the PMO, with details about the entire situation that took place near the Pangong lake n Ladakh.

Source- The Logical

The situation had become pretty hard to control last Wednesday when a wedge between the Chiese and the Indian soldiers was created.

This resulted in the detention of some of the Jawans of the Indian subcontinent. Nonetheless, they were releast quite some time later.

Eccentric as it is, during this arrest, the weapons of the ITBP jawans were also snatched away.

They were, of course, handed over to them after some time but the unchecked audacity is worth taking note of.

The Chinese had, brazenly come inside the Indian territory.

They are now conducting immensely aggressive patrols with motor boats in the Pangong lake.

Where It Ends

Howver, things have seemed to alm down a little bit after all the extra dosage of drama and nuisance for no good reason.

China has put tents on 3 very specific sites n the North of Ladakh. National security advisor Ajit Doval is giving us briefings every other day.

Now, natrally, it is decided that the security system will be checked.

India has now reinforced its troops as well in the same Northern Ladakh region, in the Galwan area.

Not to forget how the Galwan Region was an extreme flashpoint during the war of 1962.


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