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In Ellen Show, Former Employees Talked About Executive Producer ‘s Sexually Harassing Behavior

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One of the ex-employees of The Ellen Show said that one of the executive producers is handsy with women

One of the ex-employee said that the writer and executive producer of the show Kevin Leman once ask the employee to give him a handjob in a bathroom in 2013. Some workers saw him while he was grabbing the penis of an employee.

Another former employee said that in May 2017, she saw that Lehman was grabbing the production assistants’ neck and kissing her in his car.

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Every employee is so pissed right now and trying to about the harassment as much as they can. They also said that it was common for Leman to give sexually explicit comments like questions, like are you top or a bottom?

Not just these, he also points out male bulges in their colleagues. The former employee says, ‘It’s masked in sarcasm, but it’s not sarcasm.’

Most of the people he targeted was at a low level, so they did not find the power and the strength to speak up about the executive.

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One of the former employees said that’ he would probably do it in front of 10 more people and they ignore it because it thinks that Kevin is being Kevin but if you are in a position in the company that doesn’t give you the power to touch me.’

After these new spreading all over the social media, the executive producer Leman that he categorically denied every sexual impropriety.

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What Ellen Has A Say On This Issue

Some ex-employee who deliberately left The Ellen Show says that they went because of the misconduct and the harassment and said that they lack the power. They asked to remain anonymous.

Source:- malaysia. yahoo.com

After everything, Ellen DeGeneres apologizes and say that the show was the place for happiness, and the people treated with respect. And continue saying that those who know me this is opposite of me and my show.

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