IIT Bhubaneswar Students Oppose Conducting Of Final Exams Online

The students of IIT Bhubaneshwar were opposing the authorities’ planning to conduct the final examination online. Also, the students have collectively urged the authorities to examine other modes. Subsequently, the students urged the authorities to help them obtain their degree on time.

IIT Bhubaneshwar
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The students have raised the concern that around 65 % of students will not be able to write the online exam on June 24. The reason for their inability is the absence of the necessary logistics for writing an online exam. On Wednesday, after questioning the online mode of examination, the students requested the authorities to provide their degrees by the end of this month. So hat they can join the companies which had already offered the job.

65 % of the 240 students do not have the necessary arrangements to write online examinations. The IIT Bhubaneshwar tweeted collectively that many other IITs are conducting different modes of evaluation. And various IITs have canceled the Examinations. Further, those who will fail to appear in the online exam will be able to give offline Examinations in August.

IIT Bhubaneshwar Students
Source: The Hindu

Obtaining a degree in August will result in adversely affecting the interest of the students who are willing to join the jobs already offered to them. Also, a final year student of IIT told that obtaining the degree in August will be too late. Further, for writing the online examination, one windows computer, two smartphones and two internet connections are required. However, a large number of students will not be able to arrange all these accessories.

Finally, the students have collectively requested to cancel the final examinations, and evaluation should be done based on assignments or last year’s examination scores.

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