I, Challenger Movie Review – Endearing Stoner Hero Gets Buried Alive

I, Challenger movie is an upcoming Hollywood movie and the story began from a man that named James Duval, the man who played Frank the Rabbit in Donnie Darko. It is a intriguing stoner comedy-drama movie, whose terrifying premise almost lives up to the legendary interdimensional bunny.

I, Challenger Movie Review

In this movie He appears as a man that named Sid, who works as an inveterate LA toker and online gamer (Challenger). He is 40 years old and going nowhere, decides to bury himself alive and livestream the ordeal on the internet.

Based on the YouTube videos of some Russians who’ve done the same thing, he believes it will bring him good luck. According to the INDB movie review this movie has 5.5/10.

The writer and director of this movie is Paul Boyd. Paul Boyd keeps us firmly in Lebowski land for the first half hour of the film, so his ploy is all the more surprising. In Echo Park, local dealer Sid is always handing out complimentary joints to schoolkids he weed to. He lost his last job to a robot, and his rent is late, so he’s resigned to being a “loser”.

I, Challenger Movie Official Trailer

I, Challenger is at its best when it takes the self-interment concept seriously enough, whilst hovering on the edge of absurdity. Boyd is an uneasy director, letting Duval go too big with the bachelor pothead schtick in the early stages.

Once Sid is six feet under, it is hard to maintain the humor – and the film remains too affable to ruthlessly extract the tension of Buried.

I, Challenger Movie Release Date

According to the news the movie release date is 22th of April 2022. 

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