How did Rita Gardener die? Rita Gardener Obituary, Cause Of Death, Dies At 87

How did Rita Gardener die? Rita Gardener Obituary, Cause Of Death, Dies At 87

Once born into the world, we cannot know our life span on this earth. Death is caused due to many factors like diseases, age etc. One cannot fix his birth and death rate on his own. It is a creation by God; he is the ruler of these cycles of birth and death. 

One such death news that had to break hearts is about Rita Gardener, the original cast member of the famous ” The Fantastics”. Here let us see about her death obituary. 

Who is Rita Gardener? 

It is well known that Rita Gardener was the original cast member of the famous long way running phenomenon named ” The Fantasticks”. Followed by winning that long-running Broadway, she did many works that gave her name and fame. She had appeared in several shows like The Cradle will rock in the year 1954, 

To be young, gifted and Black, Steel Magnolias, The Foreigner etc. 

How did Rita Gardener die? 

The famous actress has broken the hearts of her fans and the people of New York into pieces with her death. Rita’s friend, Alex Ryback, has announced on his Facebook page the death of Rita. He shared some memories and photos with her and mentioned what had happened to her. 

Seeing that post, everyone started to convey their condolences, prayers, and strength to the family. A lot of likes, comments and shares are happening with the post. The whole Broadway series industry is in despair, feeling about the death of Rita Gardener. 

Alex Rybeck on Rita’s death:

Alex Rybeck had mentioned the full details of the death of Rita Gardener on his Facebook page. She had leukemia, and she had been admitted to the Mount hospital. Sinai hospital. 

Unfortunately, she died on Sunday despite the treatments given. The great actress who had stolen many hearts left the world at 87. Also, along with the posts and the mentions, he had shared his memories with her and felt bad for her death. He had also requested the common people to share their life memories. 

I hope the great soul rests in peace! 

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