How did Percival Mabasa die? Percival Mabasa's cause of death

How did Percival Mabasa die? Percival Mabasa’s cause of death

Philippines: Journalist Percival Mabasa shot dead

Life stops for anyone in the world when we lose it. None has the right to stop our birth or death on this earth. We are born without knowing when we will leave this earth or when we will live and spend our precious time with our loved ones. Yes, of course life is a mystery and filled with magic and miracles. Losing our people close to the heart will make us fall into despair and depression. 

Who is Percival Mabasa?

A popular news radio host, Percival Mabasa, was a prominent critic of the country’s Philippines president Ferdinand Marcos Jr. He is popularly called Percy lipid by the country’s people. He had done the best broadcasting news of the country and was popular for several shows.

Percival Mabasa’s cause of death:

The fire has now erupted in the city of the Philippines because of the death of the radio host Percival Mabasa. He was shot dead when he was driving his car to his workplace when returning from the capital Manila. 

The sources say that he had been shot dead by the two men who had come in the motorcycles, and they were found to have escaped when the police reached the place knowing the incident. 

How did Percival Mabasa die? 

The 63-year-old radio broadcaster, Mabasa, had died, and the whole country wanted to know the cause and victims behind his death. He had been shot dead by the unknown persons who had come with the motorcycle near the DWBL radio station on Monday, October 3, 2022. 

The local police had given information that the victims would be brought to the front of justice, and special forces would look after this death to find the victim and the cause of the attack. 

He is the second journalist in the country to be shot dead by unknown persons. Knowing this inhumane action, the city has broken into the fire of anger and despair, asking for justice for his death. I hope his soul rests in peace and the victims are put in prison! 

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