How did Martha Karagianni die? And Martha Karagianni Cause Of Death

How did Martha Karagianni die?

Movies actress Martha Karagianni dies at the age of 82 on the date of 18 September 2022. He married Greek football player Dimitrios Stefanakos who died in 2021. She was a great actress in the 1960s. She makes shocked many people cause of her sudden death no one expected her death when she was totally fine and fit. But Till now her family and friends do not say anything about her death cause.

Martha Karagianni Cause Of Death, Age

Before her marriage, she was having affairs with Vasilis Konstantinou footballer. Her death’s cause is not revealed yet. She died at the age 82. She appeared in lots of movies like she did in 19 movies which were produced by Finos Film.

Martha Karagianni

Who was Martha Karagianni

Late Greek footballer Dimitrios Stefanakos’s wife actress Martha Karagianni dies at the age of 82. She is one of the best actresses of the 1990s. She appeared in lots of movies like Pethaino Gia Sena (2009) as a grandmother, Marijuana Stop! (1971) as Despoina, Oi Thalassies oi Hadres (1967) as Eleni, and Merikoi to protimoun kryo as Lela.

Name Martha Karagianni
Profession Actress
Age 82 When she died
Birth Date 6 November 1939
Birth Place Athens, Greece
Death 18 September 2022
Husband Name Dimitrios Stefanakos
Father Name Charilaos Karagiannis
Mother Name Domna Tsiridou


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