How did Mark Pelini die? Mark Pelini: A former Husker, died in a car crash in Indiana

How did Mark Pelini die? Mark Pelini: A former Husker, died in a car crash in Indiana

Mark Pelini, a former Nebraska football center, died in a car accident in Indiana on Sunday night. Pelini was 31 years old. The crash happened Sunday evening in western St. Joseph County around 8 p.m. on the Indiana Toll Road.

An investigation indicates a white 2017 Ford SUV, traveling west, collided with a black 2017 Ford pickup truck while crossing the center median and striking a deer.

The SUV’s driver and passenger were pronounced dead at the scene. The driver was 31-year-old Pelini, and the passenger was 31-year-old Jillian Marian. The driver and passenger of the pickup were also injured in the accident. 

How did Mark Pelini die?

Mark was killed Sunday evening by a two-car collision on the Indiana Toll Road. On an Indiana toll road, Pelini, 31, drove an SUV that hit a deer. The SUV hit a pickup head-on after it crossed the median.

Pelini and Jillian Marian, 31, of Youngstown, Ohio, died in the accident. The pickup’s passenger, Jane Beecher, 57, also died in the crash.

Who is Mark Pelini?

Pelini played football for the Cornhuskers from 2010 to 2014. His career began in Lincoln, and he eventually became the starter. He played in 30 Big Red games in total. Bo Pelini’s brother Vince Pelini is the father of Mark.

What was the cause of the death of Mark Pelini?

Mark Pelini’s cause of death is a car accident. The accident occurred around 8 p.m. Sunday in western St. Joseph County. Indy Toll Road is where the accident occurred.

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