How did Lesenya Ramoraka die? Lesenya Ramoraka Death Cause Revealed

How did Lesenya Ramoraka die? Lesenya Ramoraka Death Cause Revealed

Lesenya Lee Ramoraka, a former Highlands Park and TS Galaxy goalkeeper, died in a vehicle accident in his homeland of Botswana at 28. Have a closer look at what happened, how Lesenya Ramoraka died and the revelation of Lesenya death cause and other information.

Who was Lesenya Ramoraka?

Lesenya Lee Ramoraka was an international soccer player who was also active in South Africa’s top flight. Ramoraka, born on 4 April 1994, was a left-back goalkeeper for his teams.

He had brief stints at Highlands Park and Orapa United, as well as TS Galaxy. Ramoraka also participated in 19 international games for Botswana between 2016 and 2019.

Lesenya’s death on Tuesday, 4 October 2022, left his family and fans in deep remembrance. He was a 28-year-old young and aspiring footballer.

How did Lesenya Ramoraka die?

On Tuesday, 4 October 2022, Lesenya Ramoraka was killed in a tragic vehicle accident. The player returned to Orapa from his native town of Chadibe following the independence day celebrations.

His car tire exploded at Mmashoro, and he lost control of the vehicle. Ramoraka’s automobile then collided with a barrier, trapping two people inside, causing Lesenya death.

Police and emergency personnel were called to the accident site, and the two people involved in the collision were taken to a local hospital. Ramoraka was later declared dead in the hospital, while the other people’s conditions were unclear at the time.

 What was his cause of death?

As per the reports, Lesenya Ramoraka death was caused by severe injuries during the car accident. He suffered significant head and brain damage. His body is presently being autopsied to establish the exact cause of death.

Ramoraka has previously had leg problems and had to take a break from football for a short time. He was about to return to the game, but this mishap took his life.

Police are presently examining the collision to determine how it occurred. 

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