How did Jamie Roy die? Scottish DJ Jamie Roy Cause Of Death, Obituary, Dies At Age 33

Jamie Roy: A DJ, and producer, has passed away at the age of 33

A 33-year-old Scottish DJ and producer have passed away. On Tuesday, the Roy family posted on Facebook that their son, who frequented clubs in Ibiza, had passed away. 

A post on Facebook said, “Jamie passed away yesterday.” Of course, we are all saddened by his passing.

Jamie Roy’s cause of death:

A statement issued by Jamie Roy’s family confirmed his death. However, it is unknown what caused his death or whether he died in a hospital or at home.

There is no information on Roy’s health issues, but he has likely suffered from them for some time.

Who is Jamie Roy?

A DJ and music personality based in Scotland, Jamie was known for his role in the music industry. As a musician, he performed at numerous festivals and with bands. 

He was one of the most prominent figures in the music industry. Originally from Ibiza, Spain, the DJ and musician debuted at a young age. Additionally, Roy was well-known on social media and had a large fan base in Ibiza.

Jamie Roy did not die in a car accident:

There is no evidence that Jamie Roy died in a car accident! Many YouTube channels create FAKE NEWS to increase ad revenue. Here are the reasons why?

Firstly, it should be stressed that no one knows what caused Jamie’s death.

We only know about him and what his family posted on his Facebook page.

  • Jamie Roy Car Accident Video Is Fake:

To gain views and click, YouTube videos were created with misleading titles, claiming to show the car accident in which Jamie Roy died. Ghoulish and insensitive. Fortunately – they are ALL fake. There is currently no evidence that Jamie Roy died in a car accident. 

  • An image of a car accident was taken last month:

Using a picture of a car accident taken on August 6, 2022, in Palmdale, Los Angeles. One person died in the three-car crash, and four others were injured, none of whom were Jamie Roy. 

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