How did Jack Pollock die? What caused Jack Pollock's death? Dad pays tribute to a talented boxer

How did Jack Pollock die? What caused Jack Pollock’s death? Dad pays tribute to a talented boxer

The parents of a talented boxer have paid tribute to him. His mother Johan and younger brother Jude were on holiday with him last Thursday when the 14-year-old died in Portugal.

In tribute to Darryl, the schoolboy’s father described him as a fierce ‘protector’ full of ideas and mischief.

How did Jack Pollock die?

During a trip with his mother and brother Jude, Jack Pollock died unexpectedly on Thursday, September 29. His death occurred while he was on holiday in Poland. Jack Pollock’s dad confirmed his death in a post. A devoted family member, student, and highly talented boxer, Darryl has been remembered through tributes from his father, Darryl.

A Granton boxing club also remembered the Clermiston high school student for his “exuberance, mischief, and growing enthusiasm for sports.”

Jack Pollock’s Dad pays tribute:

The tributes to Jack were led by his dad, Darryl, who had a passion for boxing. He was never slack when it came to his boxing. The one thing I will say about Jack is that he was a protector. All his friends knew he was their rock if they were in trouble.

The first thing he would do if you needed help was dash out of his house. “He loved music as well, but when it came to going out with his pals, he was a pain in the backside to get home on time. He was at that stage of his life when everything was going on and being cheeky.

Jack pollock’s cause of death:

While on holiday with his family in Poland, Jack unexpectedly passed away. In the wake of Jack Pollock’s unexpected death, many people mourned. Jack’s family is raising money for a fundraiser to bring his body back from Portugal for his funeral.

The cause of death has not been published.

In a fundraiser posted on Jennifer Urquhart’s GoFundMe page, she said:

Jack was kind, funny, and loveable. He always made people laugh in his close friendship group. His friends came first – he cared more about them than himself. Jack was a loyal and dedicated big brother who adored his mum. All of his friends and acquaintances will miss him. 

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