How Did Hilary Mantel Die? Cause Of Death, The book's prize-winning author died At Age 70

How Did Hilary Mantel Die? Cause Of Death, The book’s prize-winning author died At Age 70

The award-winning author who penned the wolf hall trilogy and was the first woman author who won the booker’s prize twice left this world at the age of 70 years. As described by her agent, Hilary Mantel died a sudden yet peaceful death, surrounded by her family and loved ones during her last days.

 What was the cause of Hilary Mantel’s death? 

 The best-selling author of the wall hall trilogy died due to a stroke on 22 September 2022. 

The author battled with health issues all her life, and she was diagnosed with a disease known as endometriosis in her 20s. However, this disease went undiagnosed for years before she went for surgical menopause at the age of 27 years.

Hillary Mantel’s life before becoming an award-winning author:

 The award-winning author was born in a village in Derbyshire called Glossop. She was of Irish descent, and her family was a regular working-class catholic family who had moved to Manchester. Her father’s name was Henry Thompson, but she took the last name of her mother’s second husband, Jack Mantel. He went on to study law earning her degree in bachelor of jurisprudence from the University of Sheffield.

In 1973, Hillary decided to marry Gerald McEwen, a geologist by profession, and in 1974, she started to work on a novel based on the french revolution, but at that time, she could not find one publisher for it. However, this novel was later released.

Hilary Mantel’s legacy as an author:

Hilary Mantel’s first success as an author came when her first novel, every Day is Mother’s Day”, was published in 1985, after which the sequel was published a year later. After that, Hilary started working as a reviewer for various newspapers and magazines and published more novels, such as A place of greater safety which also won the Sunday express book of the year award. 

However, she saw significant success in 2006 when her novel wolf hall went on to win the booker’s prize that year. Then its sequel, which was released in 2012, went on to earn critical acclaim as well, making Hilary the first woman to win the prestigious award twice.

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