How did Dr. Sh. Osamah Abdulatheem die, Obituary, Cause of Death Explained

How did Dr. Sh. Osamah Abdulatheem die?

Dr. Sh. Osamah Abdulatheem, who was an Islamic scholar and professor of major jurisprudence died on Monday 3 October 2022.

Dr. Sh. Osamah Abdulatheem Cause of Death

His death reason has not been revealed yet.

Currently, his family is in pain due to Osamah’s passing. On Monday 3 October 2022, Dr. Muhammad Salah posted on his social media accounts, “Indeed we all belong to Allah and unto Him, we shall return. Today the Muslim world has encountered a huge loss. Dr. Sh. Osamah Abdulatheem Has passed away, he was a great scholar and professor of the principal of jurisprudence and a devout worshiper May Allah have Mercy on his soul Ameen”.

Many people and his family want to know about Osama’s death reason. His family has not revealed any statements about the circumstances of Osamah’s passing.

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