How did Declan Halford die? 10-year-old Youngster Declan Halford's Cause Of Death

How did Declan Halford die? 10-year-old Youngster Declan Halford’s Cause Of Death

A boy died in an accident when he climbed the trees. His family who lived in Northland they are shocked.

Declan Halford was 10 years old boy who played in the backyard of his house in Whang─ürei died on Saturday 23 September 2022.

His parents’ names are Luke and Deborah. He also has 5 siblings.

For the funeral costs and daily expenses, a Givealittle page was made to help pay them.

A family friend wrote, “ACC will provide some financial support to the family, but would love to be able to take some further financial strain off the family so they can just concentrate on getting each other through this next season and spending time together”.

This afternoon, A Givealittle page received $13,811.

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