How Did Cayler Ellingson Die? Cayler Ellingson’s Cause of Death?

How Did Cayler Ellingson Die?

Cayler Ellingson a pedestrian was killed in a car accident in McHenry, North Dakota on 18 September 2022 who was just 18 years old. And this destination is around 120 miles northwest of Fargo and 52 miles north of Jamestown. 

Before he was killed, he called his mother. According to the Prosecution, Shannon Brandt allegedly chased him who is 41 years old in McHenry and where the street dance had just stopped.

Cayler Ellingson Murderer

Cayler Ellingson’s Cause of Death?

Shannon Brandt claimed that Cayler Ellingson was the adolescent belonging to a Republican extremist group and he called for help following an altercation in a 911 on Sunday early morning.

On Monday, Shannon was charged with vehicular manslaughter Cayler had already died by the time his mother could get to the scene, According to Court Records.

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