How did Bruce Snelling die? Bruce Snelling Cause Of Death

How did Bruce Snelling die? Bruce Snelling Cause Of Death

Bruce Snelling Cause of death: What happened to the Undersheriff of Clear Creek County?

It has been reported that the second-highest-ranking Bruce deputy of the Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office has passed away. Bruce Snelling died on Saturday evening at his home.

Albers said Bruce served his Clear Creek family with pride, and was proud of the employees and community that he commanded. 

We will provide additional information and communicate throughout this difficult time. Sincere condolences are extended to the Snelling family at this time. I would like to extend our sincere condolences to the Snelling family.”

Bruce Snelling Cause of death:

On Saturday evening, Sheriff Rick Albers announced that Bruce had passed away at home but the cause of death is unknown. Whenever we receive any information regarding the death of Bruce Snelling, we will let you know. Please stay tuned for updates.

What happened to Bruce Snelling & Christian Glass?

In an interview with the Georgetown Police Department’s marshal, Deputy Andrew Buen said he used deadly force because he feared Christian Glass would stab him. Snelling said the incident took place because Buen was afraid Glass would stab him from the window of a broken car.

During a confrontation in June 2022, Buen believed Glass posed a danger to officers after he refused to cooperate by dropping his weapons and knife.

After calling 911 for help, Glass, a 22-year-old Boulder resident, was shot and killed.

Who is Christian Glass? 

In June 2022, Clear Creek deputies killed 22-year-old Boulder man Christian Glass during a press conference. As a result of a car accident in Silver Plume, Glass called the police for assistance on June 10.  As a result of his “arguments and uncooperative behavior,” Christian Glass was shot by deputies, according to the Clear Creek Courant. 

On the website of KUSA-TV, a new bodycam video captured police tactics during a 70-minute encounter on Main Street in Silver Plume. A police officer from Idaho Springs Police Department arrived to provide backup, according to the Courant.

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