How did Brandon Kaiser die?  Cause of death, Obituary

How did Brandon Kaiser die?  Cause of death, Obituary

Branden Kaiser,  the man, along with his nephew who was convicted for shooting two Clark judges in 2019, passed away on October 2nd 2022.

What happened to Brandon Kaiser?

According to the reports, an argument broke out between the Kaiser and his nephew Alfredo Vazquez along with  Clark County Circuit Court Judge Bradley Jacobs and  Andrew Adams, which resulted in Brandon and Adam being shot and injured. According to the reports, Jacob and Adams were in Indianapolis for a conference. 

The judges were out after drinking and planned to get into the club adjacent to the White castle, but it was closed when the fight with Kaiser suddenly happened, and Kaiser shot Adams in the abdomen and Jacobs in the chest. The defense attorney stated that it was only an act of defense; however, the CCTV footage showed Kaiser and his nephew. 

Vasquez pulled up in the restaurant’s parking lot where the judges were standing outside, and the brawl began. The reason behind the fight is unknown since the CCTV did not have any audio. Then Kaiser got in his vehicle and left. The prosecutors heavily relied on the footage and convicted him for shooting two Clark judges.

Who is Brandon Kaiser, and how did he die?

Brandon Kaiser was the convicted person who shot two Clark judges on May 1st 2019. On October 2nd Kaiser passed away. His friends and family are mourning this grieving news. However, the  death of Brandon Kaiser remains unknown at the moment 

Brandon Kaiser: Obituary

As for now, no funeral arrangements have been announced. One can send their condolences to the family through social media. Many of his near and dear ones are in grief, and prayers and condolences will surely help them at the time of grief.

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