How did Alexis Charbonneau die? What Cause of St-Hubert Racer, Alexis Charbonneau’s Death

How did Alexis Charbonneau die? 

St-Hubert Racer Alexis Charbonneau dies on Sunday 18 Sept. after being hit by a car. According to a police officer, They said a man age 26 died on Sunday who was hit by a car on 11 Sept. in Longueuil.

What Cause of St-Hubert Racer, Alexis Charbonneau’s Death

His accident happened at the nearby parking lot in St-Hubert almost in the morning time 4 a.m. when he walk on Cousineau Blvd. Police gave clarification that this tragedy happened cause of the mistake of the car driver. Police were saying that the driver did not goodly drive the car and hit the man and badly injured him. The man died after one week after the accident.

Who was Alexis Charbonneau?

Alexis Charbonneau was a St-Hubert car racer who was living in Longueuil. His nationality was Canadian. He was a well-known personality because of his cool and good profession or you can say for his amazing car driving skill.

Name Alexis Charbonneau
Profession Car racer
Age 26 years old when he died
Death Date 18 September 2022
Death Cause After being hit by a car

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