Hollywood Resuming Production- Can This Pandemic Be The Next Biggest Defiance?

Living through a global pandemic is not what people thought their 2020 would be like. On the contrary, it seems nothing has precisely come to a halt. Big industries are profiting less but sufficiently enough. For now, the COVID-19 pandemic is first a health and humanitarian crisis, but businesses are rapidly co-evolving with it. Along with the uncertainty, leaders should be prepared for what comes next.

What do you think about show business? Did it get any better

It’s a tough time faced by the film industry. All movies production have been official “locked-down”. The talents on and off-screen  were “quarantined.”

But it cannot be like for long. Hollywood productions seem to be resuming with precautionary measures. The Pinewood Atlanta Studious has already reported investing $1 million (£810,000). It is for the safety and security measures to reduce risks of infection.

It is highly likely that virtual productions technologies will emerge as the best way to work in future.


According To Ken Basin- Pandemic Has Fostered A Kinder Culture

Ken Basin, the Head of Business Affairs at The Paramount TV, stated “I think it’s been a healthy environment where people have kind of brought their best selves to the negotiations also tried to approach things in a way that’s solution-oriented rather than adversarial’  on the latest episode of the podcast “Strictly Business.”

Adding to the notion that Hollywood is working on the movement of’ Black Lives Matter’. Kev also stated, “I think the moment demands real action and not just platitudes, so every company is going through introspection about where we’re at,”.

We hope Hollywood has the best coming up for us with safety intact.

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