Hizbul Terrorists Arrested In RSS Killing


Hizbul terrorist involved in the killing of RSS activist arrested by NIA: Report

Hizbul Terrorists
Source- OpIndia

Hizbul’s Wrath

Reportedly, A Hizbul Mujahideen militant was involved in the murder of an RSS member and was arrested by the NIA in Kashmir’s Kishtwar district.

He was questioned and interrogated by the NIA, which stands for National Investigation Agency after being found out from the Hanjala region of Kishtwar district, last night.

The apparent militant was soon identified as Rustam Ali.

The NIA filed a report immediately for the merciless killing of the RSS activist who goes by the name Chander Kant Sharma.

And if this was not bad enough, he had also thrashed his Personal Security Officer last year in April.


So, you see, the story sows back long ago, and to a threshold of rivalry pretty stale as well.

Nonetheless, a charge sheet had been filed and the J&K Police had last year arrested a few Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists.

They go by the name Nissar Ahmed Sheikh, Nishad Ahmed and Azad Hussain.

They were arrested because of the perpetual murder of a senior BJP leader in the region and even an RSS functionary.

This BJP secretary named Anil Parihar was shot in 2018.

Hizbul Terrorists
Source- Kerala Kaumundi


Their Arrest

The Senior RSS member and his Personal Security Officer were both shot last year.

Both these murders had undeniably provoked protests in Kashmir over the merciless killing and thrashing.

The killings were reportedly a part of a masterplan so as to revoke the militancy in Kishtwar district.

These conspiracies were planned by the longest surviving Hizbul Mujahideen commander in the entire region, who goes by the name Jahangir Saroori.

This was notified by the officials, which eventually led to their arrest and interrogation.

Further processions are supposed to be done leading their apprehension.

Kashmir has been severely hit with coronavirus, and amidst the wreck, murder conspiracy theories among others are disturbing than ever before.


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