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Hilarious Moments In Dark Netflix Series

dark nettflix show

Dark is a Netflix show which ran for three seasons. The title is very appropriate as the show is quite twisty and dank.

It discusses the aftermath of a child disappearing, and the sinister connections between the four families as they unravel the time-travel conspiracy which goes back several generations.

dark netflix show

Econ And Ulrich

The relationship between both of them and especially the Satanist talk has some comedy in it.

And to enter the room of a kid in 1986 when ” heavy metal” music was all about Satan with the pentagrams to skulls and death, I think I will keel to death over the details in this show.

Mikkel Meets Hannah

That scene where Mikkel meets Hannah and does the magic trick, and she says, “where’d you learn that?”

And he says, ” I’m from the future.”

It’s the truth, but it’s just a joke to them.

High IQ Humor

The humor is extremely subtle, and without knowledge of theoretical physics, most of the jokes go over your head.

First Episode

The scene where Bartosz, Jonas, and Martha sit together in the school assembly hall, and she asks how Jonas was.

Bartosz butts in and says ” French, of course” with a grin.

This is a very subtle joke.

Knowing that this is a double entendre and the fact that Martha has a romantic backstory with Jonas, who is now with Barthosz, really gives it more meaning.

This is a German show translated into English. German humor is generally very dry. It is the unmeant things that go sideways.

dark nettflix show

This show is a must-watch. It is so well done in its plot with subtle details scattered around, and it makes you think.


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