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He Threatens to kill me- Amber Heard

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When Johnny Depp was on alcohol and drug binge to threaten her to kill many times.

The Aquaman star Johnny Depp, 57, accused a newspaper publisher of the sun of accusing him of the wife-beater, but the newspaper says that it was accurate.

Johnny Depp has denied the 14 allegations that the sun was saying about him. The newspaper group was Relying on this defence

On the tenth day of the court, Amber Heard came up and said that there were episodes of him verbally and physically abusing her. In her statement, she said that there was flapping kicking even choking and controlled and intimidating behaviour was there.

In a statement, she said that some of the incidents were so serious that he was about to kill Amber Heard either intentionally, just by losing control or just going too far

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Amber Heard Call Depp A Monster

After everything, she says that he is an excellent manipulator you can manipulate anyone anytime he is outstanding in this. She continues replying that he is very affectionate charming, and she feels like she is dating a king.

The couple has married from 2015 to 2017, but in 2011 the romantic relationship had begun. Mister Depp has persuaded Amber when they were shooting for a film.

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She also said that once he holds her hand and kept his another hand on her neck and trying to choke Her and she wasn’t able to breathe, and she was trying to tell her that she isn’t able to breathe and that moment she thought that he is trying to kill her.

Amber Heard told the court that there were extreme acts of psychological verbal and physical violence.

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