Ukraine War: Havertown Resident Fighting in Ukraine Reports Americans have died in fighting

Ukraine War: Havertown Resident Fighting in Ukraine Reports Americans have died in fighting: The war in Ukraine killed Americans, according to Patrick Creed, the Havertown resident who traveled to that country to fight with the Ukrainian Foreign Territorial Brigade.

“Bad day here, 5 killed, including 3 Americans, a Dane and a Belarusian, all in roughly the same spot where the Brit got him a few days ago,” Creed wrote in a social media post later. Tuesday evening. “None of those were from my team, still no word from our guys who are on patrol (in a different location).”

Creed has been in Ukraine since late March. He is a retired US Army Major who was awarded the Bronze Star for his efforts in Iraq in the face of enemy fire and roadside bombs.

Havertown Resident Fighting in Ukraine

After the war began, he contacted the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington, DC, and its military attaché, and decided to join the Ukrainian Foreign Territorial Brigade.

It was originally located near Kyiv and has recently been redeployed to an area in southeastern Ukraine protecting against attacks westward towards Odesa along the coast.

Creed gave what he described as a simplified description of the battlefield.

The soldiers were killed by artillery fire after being spotted, Creed said. Two soldiers survived the bombardment after crawling a distance to escape; however, two soldiers were separated and no one saw them killed. But the volume of shooting seemed insurmountable to others who returned. It’s a bad situation all around, trying to help other team members who weren’t on the fatal mission, he said.

Creed said Ukrainian forces were unable to recover the bodies of fallen soldiers due to the proximity of Russian lines and heavy fire.

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Creed said he knew one of the soldiers well; he was the team leader of another section and the other soldiers on the way.

“It’s emotionally overwhelming, not to mention we don’t have the support systems of the US military,” Creed said. “The frustration of feeling unable to do anything is infuriating. We don’t have the manpower and the heavy weapons to push the Russians back far enough for a recovery mission.

“We will see what happens in the next few days. The front lines change location almost daily. Looking for opportunities to improve the situation without causing additional casualties,” Creed said.

Creed said Ukrainian officials are trying to decide how to notify relatives.

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