Harry Styles Looks Very Different As He Works Up Sweat

Finally, One Direction star Harry Styles went out for a locked-down Jog, and he looked certainly drastically very different as he grows new facial hair.

The sign of the times singer looks very different. The lockdown has given him certainly a different look.

The One Direction star, found jogging through the picturesque streets of Italy, Rome.

Source:- dailymail

Harry’s style was pictured wearing black and white sneakers, loose grey, and black shorts. Blue baseball cap and sunglasses.

Harry also showed his Trademark tattoos has he worked out in the capital city and the fans are freaking out.

However, after looking drastically changed, the one element that made him so different is the moustache. THE EPIC MUSTACHE.

While appearing for live music and any online events, the singer usually is cleanly shaven. His typical clean-shaven face now has a moustache. He looks more handsome and mature with this new addition to his face.

Source:- harryfashionarchive.com

His short brunette looks adorable as they can see peeking out from the cap, and he looks terrific!

After spending a lot of time in the UK, the singer seems to be enjoying the sun in Italy. In June he was seen with his friends doing grocery.

Last time he had face mask so his moustache can’t be seen but recently in Italy he was not wearing the mask and jogging with his wireless earphones on.

Source:- Marie Clarie

Last week Harry tweeted about One Direction tenth anniversary and showed how grateful he is is that he is a part of such a beautiful journey and shows his love for his fans and told them that because of them, he had seen the places that had dreamt off.

He said about the former One Direction members that how great he feels after meeting such incredible people and gaining such friendship that he will Treasure for the rest of his life.


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