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Will Smith Starring Hancock 2 – A Sequel That Can Beat The Box-Office Records.

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The superhit movie Hancock is an American Superhero story directed by Peter Berg. Berg gave the audience the experience of the cinematic universe. It starred Will Smith,  Charlize Theron, and Jason Bateman. Hancock had touched stars in the opening weekend with $62.6 million. The movie walked away with $624.3 million globally.

What Made People Awestruck, And Why Should We Expect A Sequel?

Hancock being a movie which influenced people about superheroes, seems to be expecting a sequel to it. It did well enough in the box office. Therefore it will be justice for the fans to expect one. Berg teased in August 2009 a key plot point for Hancock 2- ‘There might be another god out there……might be another one.”

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Jim Schembri wrote that Berg’s direction helped to sell Hancock’s “well-drawn” backstory. Smith stars as the titular character, a superhero who fights crime with a bottle of liquor in one steady hand. Smith himself is in a  frowning and suspicious character play. It is the right combination of tragedy and comedy.

Hancock tells us a story of a superhero with the potential for doing good. A self-sabotage man Ray sees a spark in Hancock as well as his superhero side. It is interesting to watch how the tables turn for Hancock through his journey. It is left at a place where it can be squealed. The plot can dive in-depth into their history. Even the characters are portrayed quite well-making people astonished.

What Should We Expect From The Sequel?

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The two writers- The Sheild’s Adam Fierro and Glen Mazzara have decided to add a new element to the story. They will make sure to expand the world of their incredible powers.  Smith and Theoron have signed on for the sequel stating ‘ Everybody’s going to come back for a sequel’. Despite this, they have been quiet about their comeback for a while. Hancock 2 will go in a positive direction. The movie feels trivial as an emotional piece. Worth the wait it seems. We are sure it would be an impactful movie.



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