‘Halo’ Episode 6 Release Date And Time: Master Chief Meets Makee Watch Online

Halo Episode 5 gave many fans what they’ve been waiting for: another battle against the Covenant. Now it’s time for Master Chief and the Spartans to face the consequences. Halo Episode 6 promises confrontational moments between Halsey, Master Chief, Makee, and more – here’s the episode Paramount+ release date, time and preview.

‘Halo’ Episode 5 Recap: A Battle with the Covenant

Halo Episode 5 wasn’t as plot-heavy as previous episodes, but there was plenty of action. After locating the second Covenant Artifact in Episode 4, Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber) and Dr. Halsey (Natascha McElhone) called in the Spartans to remove it from the planet Eridanus II. However, their mission was interrupted by a Covenant invasion. Jacob Keyes (Danny Sapani), Miranda Keyes (Olive Gray) and Kai (Kate Kennedy) were all compromised in the fight.

Master Chief managed to take out most of the Covenant soldiers. However, the remaining aliens escaped with the second artifact when the leader fled to save Kai from danger. The Covenant ship also left their blessed human Makee (Charlie Murphy) behind so she could infiltrate the UNSC base.

Elsewhere in the episode, viewers caught a glimpse of another flashback to Master Chief’s childhood. This one showed the first time Halsey saw him as a child. In the present day, Chief also confronted Kai about having his Emotional Suppression Pill removed and questioned his ability to fight. On Planet Madrigal, Soren (Bokeem Woodbine) handcuffed Kwan (Yerin Ha) to her motorcycle to keep her out of trouble, but she escaped.

When is ‘Halo’ Episode 6 coming out? Release date and time

Paramount+ will continue its Thursday schedule for Halo Episode 6, giving it a release date of April 28. Fans can access the new episode as early as 12 p.m. PT or 3 a.m. ET. Here’s the rest of the Season 1 release schedule:

  • May 5: Ep. 7
  • May 12: Ep. 8
  • May 19: Ep. 9

As always, fans will need a Paramount+ subscription to watch the remaining episodes. Microsoft still has an offer available for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers that offers a 30-day free trial to Paramount+. Fans can redeem the offer now to watch the first season of Halo for free.

‘Halo’ Episode 6 Preview: What’s Makes Up To?

Paramount+ released a preview of Halo Episode 6, as seen above. Master Chief will question Makee’s intentions, though she will do whatever she can to convince him of his lies. Meanwhile, Dr. Halsey will be in trouble for lying to the Spartans. Master Chief will touch the Covenant Artifact again, but his body might not be able to take it. What memories will the relic hold for Chief this time around?

New episodes of Halo file every Thursday on Paramount+. Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for more updates.

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