Guardians Of The Galaxy : The Hits vs The Screw-ups

Guardians of the galaxy is a gold movie from the Marvel series, and there is no one possibly couldn’t adore baby Groot.

But this movie isn’t without its mistakes.

All the Right Things

The tone of the Film

Guardians of the Galaxy movie has a tremendously refreshing tone to it, with sarcastic and biting humor and a goofy but skilled protagonist. Superhero movies are generally too severe and too action-packed. Still, this movie has a delightfully fresh balance of both action and comedy without it being too on-the-nose or crooked.

Team togetherness

The team is thrown together in the Kiln, and they couldn’t stop bickering for even one second, but slowly, they grow a bond and manage to start working together as a team. They build fighting tactics and discuss war moves, and throughout the film, we see some heartwarming moments of them bonding and making some healthy, beautiful relationships. It’s enjoyable to watch them grow into a movie family.

The Bomb music

Most of the Marvel movies have very average soundtracks, they don’t ruin the tone of the film, but they don’t match it that well either. A good background score could change its box-office turnout completely. They are not very memorable, but this movie manages to change that opinion shared by most people. The mixtape titled ‘ Awesome Mix Vol. 1’ and Peter Quil dancing to the awesome tunes in the very first scene of the movie puts the entire audience into a great mood.

guardians of the galaxy

The Cast

Chris Pratt was a hesitant choice as he had only worked in Parks and Rec by then, but he turned out to be a perfect choice. We cannot picture anyone but him in the role of Peter Quill. He is quirky and dorky and fun to be around. He is also the good leader he is required to be in times of crisis. Zoe Saldana does the perfect job as Gamora. She is fierce and stunning. Dave Bautista is the one character who gives in a sentimental streak to the movie, and we feel for his role. Rocket ( Bradley Cooper) is fantastic, and Groot is everyone’s love.

Goof vs Sentiment

There are emotional angles and scenes in the movie, but they always bring it back to light humor, which deflects heaviness, which has been a great tactic.

guardians of the galaxy

All the wrong things

The build-up to the next movies

There was a lot of backgrounding done for the movies that would be released later on. Without the proper information and backstory, this just seemed unnecessary. The audience couldn’t care less about it after a certain point. Thanos is only seen for a couple of minutes. This was most obviously a premise for the Endgame series.

” Could’ve avoided this!”

Vague villainy

The villain has a very generic role, and he has been given very little to work with. He is working very hard towards an apocalypse, and his reasons for it seem very meek.

Pop references as humor

In one scene, Quill says ” so, this Orb has a shiny blue suitcase, Ark of the Covenant, Maltese Falcon sort of vibe.”

Pop references are hard to get and can’t be used in place of jokes like when Jake says -” My ship is a Jason Pollock painting.”

Actors wasted

Glenn Close and John C. Reilly’s characters were minor. Their prodigal acting wasn’t required for this small role, which is sad.

Guessed the ending already

At the end of the movie, the team patches up with the Nova Corps and flies off into the sunset, which is a little meh, to be very honest.

guardians of the galaxy


All in all, it is a great movie and worth a watch, but not without its flaws.

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