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Gigi Hadid Is Ready To Move Into Her New Apartment In NYC With Zayn Malik

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Gigi Hadid’s date is approaching their New York City apartment is fully ready. New York City apartment is a dream house for both Gigi and Zayn.

Gigi Hadid 25 and Zayn Malik 27 are going to have a baby girl this September, and baby would be living the New York city life. Supermodel and the musician boyfriend renovated their apartment for 5.8 million+.

This is the dream spot for both of them and sources also Tera that he is very excited to move into the apartment and to raise baby there.

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After spending a few months in the farmhouse in Pennsylvania, because of the lockdown now the couple is ready to move into the new apartment. Gigi Hadid is excited that the apartment is ready and she was thrilled.

She’s been planning to design this apartment for a very long time, and now when it’s complete, she is more than just excited. So, she decided to share the renovated Apartments photo with her followers by posting some of the pictures on Instagram and tagging the designers also

Some sources told that did he was spending a lot of time on the apartment, and it felt like a dream come true to her, and the apartment is fully ready. She also said that she is super excited to raise the baby here and things that Apartment is is very e much perfect and surreal.

Model Spent Her Time In Isolation

The supermodel mostly spent her pregnancy time in isolation with her family. She has kept a shallow profile during her pregnancy and did not come out a lot also because of COVID-19 she was trying to stay isolated so that the baby and she will not get infected or anything

Gigi loves her life out of the LimeLight as she is the supermodel and always in demand. She is keeping her self.

She loves her career, she loves what she does, but right now, her priorities will a good mother. The supermodel mother had also spoken to some sources and said that she is very much your and very ready for this, and she will be the best mom.

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Her sister Bella Hadid and her mother, Yolanda Hadid, is very excited about the baby and feel very grateful that she is spending her time with them. As the career is always hectic and they always busy than ever get time spent with each other but this during her pregnancy make it so unique and they feel so grateful for this time, and they will never forget such time with family.

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