Gicchi Gili Gili Winner 2022 Name, Finalist, Runner Up, Money Prize

Gicchi Gili Gili Winner 2022

Gicchi Gili Gili Winner 2022, Gicchi Gili Gili is now finished with its last episode on 18 September 2022. As all you know, that is a Kannada language Drama reality show which arrived on Colors Kannada. This show has popular judges named Sadu Kokila and Shruthi Krishna. This show gets lots of fans and Amazing TRP. After the finalist performance judge fairly announced the name Gicchi Gili Gili Winner 2022.

Gicchi Gili Gili Winner 2022 Name, Finalist, Runner Up, Money Prize

Firstly we are telling you who was the finalist, The finalist name is Vanshika Anjani Kashyap, Jaggappa and Kishore Maja Bharat Team, Srikanth, Yashasvini Niranjan Deshpande, NC Ayyappa, Ananya Amar, Jogi Sunita, they all were given a fantastic performance on the stage which bring the tears on the audience and Judge’s eyes. Their drama was very sensitive, heart touchable, and emotional.

After all permanence judges say there is a great difficulty to choose one name because all are good. But they have to select one name so they announced the winner name the winner of Gicchi Gili Gili 2022 was Shivu and Vanshika. They won a shining trophy and also 5 lakh prize money. And runner up name Niveditha Gowda and Vinod Gobbaragala.

Show Gicchi Gili Gili 2022
Date of Premier 9 April 2022
Grand Finale 18 September 2022
Online Voot
Arrived on Colors Kannada
Winner  Shivu and Vanshika

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