George Redmond Die, Died due to an Arson Attack in Old Swan at 76, Obituary

George Redmond Die, Died due to an Arson Attack in Old Swan at 76, Obituary

George Redmond Die, Cause of Death, Obituary

Here is the sad news for all of us. An old age man whose name was George Redmond passed away. On 1 September he was badly injured due to an arson attack in Old Swan at a property. After 15 days on 16 September, he left the world. He was the old member and head citizen of his family. His family demands justice from the court. His whole family, wife, Son, Grandchildren, and close friends are in great sorrow and paying tribute to his death.

George’s 6 grandchildren and 3 children said on his death.

Family said

“With extreme sadness we announce the death of a lovely husband, dad and granddad, George Redmond, who died suddenly on September 16 in hospital.

“He was making great progress in his rehabilitation and was already mobile and regaining his independence, so his sudden death was unexpected and utterly tragic and we as a family are absolutely struggling to come to terms with it all.

“We are beyond heartbroken and hope whoever is responsible for this appalling act is swiftly brought to justice.”

Died due to an Arson Attack in Old Swan at 76

We are telling you what actually happened. According to a source, A married couple George and his wife were sleeping in the bedroom. At 3:20 o clock, the Old Swan fired the Liverpool House on 1 September. Mary is 52 years old. 

After investigation police of Merseyside confirmed the fire idea was a plan, but that thing happened due to some purpose. Police found the Petrol Can which was keep left on the driveway of that house.

People are saying. “absolutely certain” that they won’t kill the old couple they came to kill someone else but the cause of mistaken identity is the 76 years man died.

Police are very active in this case and search the suspects. When neighbors ring the alarm bell the Old couple wakes up and fastly runs from the fire but unfortunately George fell from the stairs and was badly injured. And lastly, he died at the age of 76 on 16 September 2022.

“I used to walk the dog with George, we’d talk about the football and things like that. He was an Evertonian, he was just a very quiet fella. neighbors said

“There’s no way at all anybody would want to hurt George and Mary, they were just a quiet couple.”

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