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From Karuna To Lockdown Yadav: Shramik Trains Play Cradle To Over Three Dozen Newborns

Shramik Special
Source: Deccan Herald

Karuna and Lockdown Yadav are the two babies, and they share nothing in common. However, one thing that is common between them is that they both born in the extraordinary situation of Coronavirus Pandemic. Karuna is the daughter of Ishwari Devi. And, Lockdown Yadav is Reena’s son. Both these children were born in the Shramik Special Train during the nationwide lockdown.

Birth In Special Circumstances

Both these born during an utterly abnormal situation. The Coronavirus Pandemic devastatingly affected all the aspects of human life. The condition of this worldwide pandemic has even affected the names of these children born during the lockdown. These were born when 2.5 lakh people are infected with the virus, including those 7000 people who lost their lives.

Shramik Special
Source: Deccan Herald

Karuna’s father Rajendra Yadav said that the meaning of the name ‘Karuna’ is ‘Compassion’ and ‘Seva Bhav’. The media persons have asked Rajendra Yadav whether Coronavirus has any effect on your decision while deciding the name of your child. Rajendra Yadav replied that I could not name my daughter after Corona. Coronavirus is responsible for the deaths of lakhs of people. I have named my daughter as Karuna because everyone needs ‘compassion’ and ‘Seva Bhav’ at this tough time.

Ishwari, mother of Karuna is one of the more than three dozens of women who have fought against hunger during the advanced stages of her pregnancy. And Reena, mother of Lockdown Yadav gave birth to him during her journey in a train from Mumbai to Uttar Pradesh. Further, the reason before naming him as Lockdown Yadav is to remember the tough times forever.

Mamata Yadav, another woman, boarded the train on May 8 from Jamnagar to Muzaffarpur. She was willing to give birth to a child in the presence of her mother at home. However, she got her baby in her hands, even before reaching her home. Further, her compartment was turned into a sort of labour-room.



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