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From Audition Individually To The Biggest Boy Band In the World- One Direction


On 23rd July 2020 One Direction completed 10 years. So Directioners started the trends #10yearsof1d

Ten Years Of One Direction

From individually auditioning for X Factor in 2010. None of the boys got selected in the final round, so Simon one of the judges in X-Factor thought to put these five boys together. After the decision of putting these five boys together, the band would be called One direction.

Since 2010 the boys are on the road doing shows making music their first debut music was What makes you beautiful, which was on top of the charts since the day it was released. In 2011 the released and album Up All Night, which was a huge success and their last album together without Zayn, was Made In The A.M.

One Direction started their career when they were like 17-16 years old, and from that very moment, they start having a huge fan-base and going on tour, giving the charm on stage supporting and doing something all the time their fans make them the biggest band in the world.

From the video Diaries to the interviews. From performing on X Factor individually to performing at Wimbledon. Their journey is going to be remembered by everyone. One Direction being the biggest fan of their fans, they didn’t let the 10th-anniversary be a disappointment for them. Even if they don’t do anything are just post on social media, it would be the craziest moment of directioners.


One Direction Website

So as the 10th anniversary of One Direction. They created a website called ten years of 1D as being a directioner myself. I was overwhelmed by seeing all the efforts and how beautifully and crazily that website is designed, and not just the site is great. Also, there is a personalized mixtape for everyone and not just the mixtape, even some templates and stickers of One direction. Isn’t the One Direction the sweetest and the most generous humans on earth.

None of the member disappoints us and posted a group picture of them together and wrote how much they love their fans and miss everything and how much grateful they are to be the part of such a beautiful journey.



From five days earlier of the anniversary direction as a started the Trend 10 years of One Direction. Isn’t the directioners are the best. Yes! They are indeed. But one direction also didn’t stop by just putting up a website. By the personalized mixtape, they uploaded 4K videos of many of there music video and online quizzes to treat their fan with such surprises.

It’s the 10th anniversary of One Direction we all are overwhelmed by the love says, Liam. Seeing the old videos and remembering everything is just beautiful, and Yes, we all cried but in a cool way.

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