Former Dallas Cowboys Player Gavin Escobar dies. Cause of Death Explained

Former Dallas Cowboys Player Gavin Escobar dies. Cause of Death Explained

Human beings or any organisms cannot live according to their owner’s desires. It is God’s decision and the human’s fate when he will lose his life on this earth. One day, every organism will die. The closed ones of the dead person will fall into despair and depression. This cycle is an unstoppable one and runs every day. Some live for a long age like 80, 90 and some people even die in their childhood at the age of 2 or 3. 

One such breaking news is the death of Gavin Escobar. On hearing this news, their heart has broken into pieces, and they want to know the cause of Gavin Escobar’s death.

Who is Gavin Escobar? 

Gavin Escobar is one of the finest American football players who started his career in the year 2010. He had played in the team of San Diego state upto the year 2013. He was an outstanding player before he was selected for the NFL team by the cowboys. And the energetic man has not stopped playing one sport; he also played Dallas for more than four seasons, during which he created a lot of memories and a fanbase. 

Gavin Escobar’s cause of death: 

The shocking news that put the football fans into depression was the death of Gavin. An enthusiastic player had lost his life while he was trekking, and he is at the age of 31. As per the sources, the two rock climbers had been injured or damaged at Tahquitz rock in Idyllwild. 

The authorities who found the dead had said that, after knowing the incident, when they were reaching the rock area, the authorities had found both the people dead, one was Gavin. Another one was his friend, another hiker named Chelsea Walsh. 

The authorities who were looking into the incident had not opened up the proper reason for the death, and they had said that they were looking into it. 

Unfortunately, an energetic athlete has lost his life soon. I hope his family and football fans can bear his loss. He is sending prayers to his family and the closest ones!

You are too young and gone too soon, champ! 

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