Flight Called Back After Pilot Found Corona Positive

An Air India airplane was winging its way from Delhi to Moscow on Saturday morning. The plane returned to Delhi from over Uzbekistan after the carrier understood that one of the pilots of the airplane found Corona positive. The incident after the mistake committed by the team checking pre-flight test reports of crew members. After incorrectly reading the report, the team had relieved the captain for the ferry flight.

Delhi-Moscow Flight
Source: Swarajya

The flight has left from New Delhi to Moscow without any passengers. The purpose of the flight was to fly back to the Indians, which are stuck in Moscow due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. The flight named Airbus A-320 Neo (VT-EXR) returned to Delhi at 12:30 PM. However, the crew will be quarantined as per the established rules. The plane is going to be sanitized for further use. Now, the Government is sending A320 Neo for rescuing Indian stuck in Moscow, later on, Saturday.

Increasing Work Pressure

The mistake committed by the team checking the pre-flight reports was genuine. The team checking the pre-flight reports has to go through a massive amount of reports every day. There is a requirement of including more labs for testing the Coronavirus reports of crew members. In Delhi only, the team has to go through the reports of 300 crew members daily. The results of the COVID 19 tests come in the form of Excel Sheets.

Just after the two hours, the fight left Delhi, another person cross-checking the list found pilot positive for COVID 19. After that, the aircraft returned to Delhi from Uzbekistan. The flight was operating under the Vande Bharat Mission. The Government is making it compulsory for all the crew members to go through the Coronavirus test before allowing them to fly. The pilots are operating these flights as a National Duty.

The Airport authorities are working under tremendous pressure. Because the authorities are sending flights to new cities all over the world and it takes a lot of time and effort to start carrying a flight to a new place. However, the authorities are not justifying what happened with the Delhi-Moscow flight. It was a genuine mistake, authorities added.


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