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Fair Society Remains A Distant Dream- Observes Bombay HC

Bombay High Court
source-youth incorporated magazine

The pandemic has brought changes to numerous dynamics of society. The Bombay High Court contoured a few these changes in observation and said ‘ fair society remains a distant dream’.

The Context

While reviewing various PILs  seeking relief for covid patients and medical frontline workers, the Bombay High Court gave such a statement. Senior Counsel Gayatri Singh, Mihir Desai and Adv Ankit Kulkarni filed a PIL demanding good quality PPE, helpline number for Covid patients. The relief sought also included mobile health clinics, beds and adequate testing. The bench of judges led by Justice Dipankar Dutta and Justice Amjad Sayed dismissed a petition seeking to keep frontline workers in isolation.

One of the petition also sought isolation wards for frontline workers who travel from Palghar to areas like Virar. This is an essential contribution to the spread of the virus in Palghar and other areas, argued the petitioner. The bench asked him to be a little sensitive towards the frontline workers.The setting up of isolation wards could only be done after compromising space for patients, which shall not stand virtuous.

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Taking A Jab At The Administration

While seeking answers from the state administration as to why emergency cases were not given priority, the bench made several observations. Unavailability of bed is no excuse to not take patients, said the judges. The administration owes a duty to increase the hospital’s capacity. The court has taken a jab at the administration by saying that the budget for the pandemic is haywire.  Although rampant policies by the state government have taken over the medical sector, it still needs to be micro-managed.

Bombay High Court
source-youth incorporated magazine


Ostracising medical workers and other frontline workers can deteriorate society in the long run. The court said it is unfortunate that even after various principles related to equality and dignity of life n the Indian Constitution, the spirit of the same is not panning out at all.This equality pertains to the state looking out for every prudent community that needs help during an emergency like this.

The migrant crisis reveals loopholes in the informal sector like never before. The administration, the courts, even the common man had never seen a migrant’s life so closely. His life where equal opportunities seem bleak, and wages unregulated.

The state government issued a notification on 4th May asking every private practitioner to compulsorily serve in hospitals treating COVID patients. This is clearly forcing workers to an edge where they question the dignity of the profession, as social order works only after being reciprocated.

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