Faces Masked, Lipstick Sales Take A Hit; Focus Shifts To Eye Makeup

Lipstick and Eyeliner
Source: Real Style

The “lipstick index,” which as a rule ascends during a monetary downturn, seems to have lost touch of its sparkle with the Covid 19 pandemic and lockdown. The sale of the lipstick has taken a hit during the Covid 19 lockdown. The makeup trends of the consumers are taking a dramatic turn, and the patterns are changing.

Reasons For Dip in Lipstick Sales

The masks on the face became a must-have accessory during the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. There are no occasions for socializing during this lockdown. Due to these reasons, the interest of the consumers is shifting towards the eye makeup rather than wearing lipstick. This changing trend may continue to move forward. As most of the organization after the coronavirus pandemic made it mandatory for the employees to wear face masks in the office premises.

The cosmetic companies by looking at the changing trends of the consumers decided to push forward the eye products. The changing consumer behavior resulted in shifting the focus of cosmetic companies towards outcomes such as eyeliner and eyeshadows.

Kavita Angre, the L’Oreal Indian Director, said that there is a reduction in the usage of lipsticks. Due to the reduced instances of social interaction during the lockdown, people are not using lipstick during work from home. People generally use lipstick during the time of making an office presentation or on a video call presentation. The lockdown will result in an increased shift towards the eye makeup. Nykaa, a beauty retailer, said that the increased sale of eyeshadows occurred in pushing it from the category of top 5 to top 3. The sources from the different companies noted that India has always been an eye makeup maker. The reason before this is that eye makeup covers 36 %, whereas lip makeup covers 32%.

The Hope For Recovery

The industries and companies associated with cosmetics said that the performance of the sale of cosmetics during the previous recessionary time was excellent. They believe that it is because women have a special relationship with their makeup. Because of this, the emotional factor rather than the financial factor plays an important role.

A spokesperson from the Hindustan Uniliver said that the consumer work indicates the markets will reopen fully soon. Companies also believe that the increased stress on hygiene will result in the increased sale of lip balms and face creams. They also think that the dip in lipstick use is a phase that will soon pass. The reason is that humans are social animals, and the socializing behavior of humans is not going to die. The other purpose is that the consumers are trying to conserve cash during the pandemic. The companies are also expecting that the sales of lip products will reach the same as were before the lockdown.

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