Facebook Campus Launched By Facebook To Serve A College Student-Only Social Network; Click To Know More!

Facebook Launched “Facebook Campus” As A College Student-Only Social Network
On 10th September 2020, Facebook launched Facebook Campus. An area to assist students in connecting with fellow classmates over shared interests. This is to market partial or full-time remote learning: college, a time for creating new friends and discovering new opportunities within the period.

Facebook considered as a college-only network, and now they’re returning to their roots. Facebook launched Facebook Campus to assist students. It will help students to make and maintain these relationships. It surve them as they are far from their college.

Facebook Launched “Facebook Campus” As A College Student-Only Social Network

Facebook Campus is a dedicated section present within the Facebook app. It has a profile that’s different from the main Facebook profile. To form a Campus profile, students need their college email and graduation year. Once the profile is ready up, one can discover Groups and Events of their school. They can connect with classmates. When content is disseminated on Campus, only people within Campus will see it.

Features Served By Facebook Campus

The new feature offers a classmate directory. It also contains chat room features. A person blacklisted on the main profile by a student would remain blocked on the Campus version, and vice versa, i.e. a person barred on Campus Profile will remain block on Main Facebook Profile.

Facebook Launched “Facebook Campus” As A College Student-Only Social Network

At first, the app will launch on a trial basis in collaboration with 30 universities in the United States. The Universities include- the University of Louisville, Virginia Tech.

The Campus won’t allow students of other colleges to interact. The interaction is only possible among students of the same school. The services of this Facebook Campus are being rolled out in several colleges of the United States. Soon this will be available in India too.








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