Emma Horrell Death A Woman died after a cardiac arrest aged just 31

Emma Horrell Death:- A woman who died suddenly after cardiac arrest aged just 31 could now save countless lives after raising money to install a defibrillator in a Manchester city center pub. Emma Horrell was tragically found by her fiancé Bob at their home in Whitefield earlier this year after suffering the fatal episode while working from home. The mental health doctor had been diagnosed with cardiomyopathy in 2017 after his mother passed away from a similar heart problem several years ago.

That hasn’t stopped her from training with her group of runners – the Manchester Road Runners, who meet at Castlefield Quayside for a pint after every race. A big supporter of the Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) charity, she decided to start fundraising for a defibrillator outside the pub.

She and her running friend, Laura Burke, 31, got to work with their fundraiser, but soon after it began, the coronavirus pandemic hit. They had only just met again and had more charity events in January this year when tragedy struck.

Emma’s sudden death left her family, friends, and teammates in shock. But Laura says the grief prompted them to finish the fundraiser and have the defibrillator installed – in the hopes it could save more lives in the future. They have now almost doubled their goal and plan to launch the device this weekend.

Emma Horrell Died

Addressing the Manchester Evening News Laura said: “She was only 31 and was due to marry her fiancé Bob in July. She was so full of life and making the most of every day. She had also just finished her doctorate. It really struck us .”

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Emma was a fitness fanatic and had run many races in Manchester, as well as completed a triathlon with Laura in 2019. She was a huge advocate for CRY after her mother’s death and campaigned for greater awareness of heart disease affecting young people. .

“She lost her mother a few years ago to a heart problem and they found out Emma had a similar problem,” Laura said. “She kept running and was working on her doctorate. We also did a triathlon together. She was amazing and a happy, outgoing person.

“Emma was a huge supporter of the CRY charity so we decided to fundraise to get a defibrillator outside the dock for pub users as well as local residents and boats as it doesn’t there was nothing like it in the area to stop it all.”

When the restrictions were lifted, Laura and Emma began planning ways to resume fundraising and planned a Christmas quiz as well as the launch of a gofundme page. They needed to raise between £1,500 and £2,000 for the defibrillator and a case so the device could be fitted outside the pub.

But after Emma’s death, donations poured in from friends, family, and strangers who had been touched by the news of her campaign work. The running group has now raised over £3,000 which means they can buy a better quality defibrillator and create a plaque in memory of Emma.

“After Emma died we knew we really had to finish the fundraiser for the defibrillator and after her death, we got so many donations. People were just throwing money at us,” Laura said.

“We absolutely hit our target and raised £3,000 which means we could get a slightly higher quality machine and create a plaque in memory of Emma. We’re donating the rest of the money to CRY.”

The cabinet has already been installed outside the dock with a launch event for the device taking place this Saturday (May 7). Laura invites anyone who wants to raise a glass to Emma or find out more about the defibrillator to come down to the pub from 12:30 p.m.

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