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Ellen DeGeneres – Blasted As Her Show Is Investigated To Be ‘Toxic, Bullying Workplace’


The worldwide famous Ellen Talk show is now under Internal Investigation under Warner Media. Although it has a massive fan base- tables are going to turn for them. The claims regarding the shows are- Toxic work environment, bullying, racism and ‘culture of fear’ on display. Furthermore, sources claim unjust termination of employees. Let us see why the show is on its verge of cancellation.

Source- Foxnews.com

What do the employees claim about their experience on the set of the show

The investigative party have had a conversation with the staff of the daily talk show to review the allegations. They have been utterly disappointed by the behaviour and bullying nature of the top show’s producers. Also, facing mistreatment on an individual basis. The reporters claim that the employees face difficulty to reach out to the producers amidst this pandemic. They had uncertainty regarding working hours and payment.

The most significant revelation made by the workers was what the show represents globally is just reel life. The scenario behind the screen is different and humiliating.

Source- Los Angeles times

Allegations on the producer

Meanwhile, the experts believe that the investigation could be ‘apocalyptic’ for Ellen’s career. The three executive producers Ed Glavin, Andy Lassner, and Mary Connelly have the charges of ‘Bullying’ and ‘Toxic work environment.

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Why Is Ellen Silent About the Ongoing Chaos?

Even The Brand and PR expert also related to DeGeneres’ silence on the investigation.

I think Ellen has been arrogant in her entire approach in dealing with the allegations and it’s crazy for her not to accept responsibility for what is happening under her leadership,” he said. “In Hollywood, the buck stops at the star’s name on the door, not at the producer level. It would be impossible for her not to know what was happening within her staff.”


Ellen’s Erratic Behaviour Can put The Show On A Complete Lockdown.

Furthermore, revelations made during The Ellen DeGeneres Show Investigation was about a former African-American female employee – she was subjected to multiple racist comments and numerous micro-aggressions during her tenure. She also added, that at a work party, one of the show’s foremost writers told her, “I’m sorry, I only know the names of the white people who work here.” This is the extent of hypocrisy in a show which welcomes people with a big heart. The host of the show seems to be so casual about the happenings in her show.

Will The Show Come To An End?

To conclude, Eric Schiffer, chairman of Reputation Management Consultants, claimed about Ellen that “She could be perpetrating one of the biggest frauds in American celebrity history”. “There are now serious investigators looking into the allegations, and if the findings are as damning as what has been reported, then you could watch the ‘Ellen Show’ go boom.” So far no decision has been made. Till then let’s wait for justice to do it’s work.

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