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Elephant Ate Cracker-Fruit By Accident: Government

Source: Mumbai Mirror

The Environment Ministry made a statement that the death of the Elephant in Kerala was an accident. Further, the Ministry said that the Elephant ate the fruit filled with cracker accidentally.

Further, various instances have been recorded when the locals illegally used the fruits filled with firecrackers for protecting their crops from the animals. The 15 years old pregnant Elephant died in Silent Valley forest after consuming the pineapple filled with crackers. Also, the explosion of pineapple in the mouth severely injured the jaw of the Elephant. Subsequently, the Elephant died in a river a week later.

Source: Mumbai Mirror

Investigation of the Case

Further, the Forst department arrested one man in association with the incident of the explosion. However, the primary investigation of the case revealed that the fruit exploded accidentally. And, that the Elephant accidentally consumed the explosives. Also, the Ministry has sent the appropriate orders to the Kerala State Government to take the proper action against the individual and forest official to investigate the case.

The Government is taking appropriate actions to catch the other individuals associated with the incident of pineapple explosion. Babul Supriyo, State Environment Minister, requested the people to not believe in social media posts and rumours. Further, the Ministry asked the people to prevent from becoming the prey of untrue social media posts.

The Kerala Government and the Union Environment Ministry are conducting an unbiased investigation in the case of a fruit explosion. The Ministry is also going to do the investigation in such a wat that it will deter the people fro indulging into similar acts in future.

The Ministry held a meeting under the chairmanship of Director General of Forests and Special Secretary in the Ministry (DGF&SS), Mr Sanjay Kumar. The meeting will be discussing the improvements in the case.

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