Dynasty Season 6 Release Date, Story, Plot, Trailer & More

ABC aired the sixth season of Dynasty from September 25, 1985, to May 21, 1986, in the United States. A wealthy Denver family is the focus of this television series, created by Richard and Esther Shapiro and produced by Aaron Spelling.

Season six stars John Forsythe as oil millionaire Blake Carrington, Linda Evans as his wife Krystle, Jack Coleman as their son Steven, Gordon Thomson as their eldest son Adam, Pamela Bellwood as Steven’s ex-wife Claudia and Heather Locklear as Krystle’s niece, and Steven’s ex-wife Sammy Jo in John Forsythe’s portrayal of the billionaire oil tycoon.

Dex Dexter, Catherine Oxenberg, Michael Praed, Diahann Carroll and Ted McGinley are among the actors who play Alexis Colby (Blake’s ex-wife and mother of Adam, Fallon, Steven, and Amanda), the ex-husband of Alexis and Prince Michael from The New Bride of Moldova.

Jeff’s cousin is Miles Colby and Christopher Cazenove plays Blake Carrington’s brother, Ben Carrington; Alexis Morell is Alexis’ sister, Cares Morell; and George Hamilton plays trickster Joel Abrigore in the first season.

John James and Emma Samms reprised their Dynasty roles as Jeff Colby and Fallon Carrington in a spin-off series called The Colbys which premiered in November 1985.

Charlton Heston played Jason Colby, CEO of Colby Enterprises, and Stephanie Beacham played Sable, his wife; Tracy Scoggins portrayed Monica, Miles’ twin sister; Claire Yarlett played Bliss, Jason and Sable’s youngest daughter; Barbara Stanwyck played Jason’s sister, Constance, and Ricardo Montalban played shipping magnate Zach Powers.

Dynasty Season 6

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The cast of Dynasty Season 5

Even though it’s unclear whether Dynasty Season 6 will go or not, there’s a good chance it will happen. The cast for the sixth season has yet to be revealed by the show’s producers.

Therefore, we can only guess based on the cast members who appeared in the fifth season of the show. The following actors and actresses may appear in the cast:

●Fallon Carrington, a well-known character, will be played by Elizabeth gillies in the next movie.

●Cristal Jennings Carrington will be played by Daniella Alonsowho will also star in the film.

● Alonso can also be seen as Rita, who was Cristal’s identical twin sister.

●Eliza Bennett will reprise her role as Amanda Carrington in the upcoming season.

In the sixth season, Geovanni Gopradi can be seen as Roberto Flores, from whom he originated.

●The character of Eva will be played by Kara Royster.

● Pej Vahdat is seen again as Dex Dexter, this time in a different setting.

● A few other actors who could appear in season 6 are Rafael de la Fuente, who will play the character of Sammy Jo, James Mackay, who will play Steven Carrington, Robert Riley, who will play Michael Culhane, and Alan Dale, who will play the role by Joseph Anderson.

Dynasty Season 5 Plot

After being rejected by Blake, Alexis seeks out his estranged brother Ben, with whom he successfully plans to deprive Blake of his wealth. Caress Morell, Alexis’ sister, also makes an appearance and causes problems for Alexis.

A business-driven public revelation that Bart Fallmont (Kevin Conroy) is gay destroys Steven’s budding connection with Bart Fallmont (Kevin Conroy).

A Rita lookalike (also portrayed by Evans) takes over for Krystle, and the two work together to loot Blake to save his life.

Amanda, who was recently divorced from Prince Michael, engages in a power struggle with Sammy Jo to curry favor with Clay Fairmont. Blake is found strangling Alexis in the season finale, which aired on May 21, 1986, while the rest of the cast is in danger at the La Mirage hotel, which was unintentionally set on fire by Claudia.

Dynasty Season 5 Release Date

There is no information available regarding the release date of Dynasty Season 6. The CW network is currently airing the fifth season of the same series. We hope that Dynasty Season 6 release date can be expected at the end of 2022.


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Until the confirmation regarding the sixth season comes out, a trailer cannot be expected. As Season 5 airs, some predictions might emerge after its final episode is released. The final episode will give us some clues regarding the possibility of Dynasty Season 6, so we have to wait for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does ‘dynasty’ season 5 air?

DYNASTY SEASON 5 IS EVERYTHING! It’s so amazing that 2 episodes start so far. Season 5 of Dynasty returns Friday, March 11 on The CW and arrives on Netflix in the summer of 2022.

Will there be a new season of Dynasty in 2022?

Dynasty is back for a new season. (Image credit: CW Channel) Season 5 of Dynasty has arrived in the US and is heading to the UK later in 2022.

Is ‘Dynasty’ on Netflix?

Like most of The CW Originals, Dynasty was a big hit with Netflix subscribers. In the UK, the program ranked #5 on the list of most-watched series on the streaming service in May 2019, and its third season debuted as the #1 most-watched series on service during its first week of arrival in May 2020.


It is based on the 1980s television series of the same name. Dynasty is a primetime soap opera. It is based on the lives of the Colbys and the Carringtons, two of the wealthiest families in the United States of America.

Their offspring fight for control of corporate money, and the series exposes the seedy underside of behind-the-scenes dealings that shape corporate fortunes and cultures.

The story is told primarily through the eyes of two women fighting in the war, Fallon, and Cristal, who are respectively the daughter and fiancée of Blake Carrington, the owner of the Carrington Atlantic shipyard.

Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage, and Sallie Patrick collaborated on the development of Dynasty for The CW.

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