Demi lovato – Supporting Trans Youth At GLAAD Awards. Also know Exclusive Details About her $2.5-5 Million Engagement Ring

“Keep your voices loud and strong and know that we are fighting for you,” Demi Lovato said during her live appearance for GLAAD Awards. Check out below

Demi Lovato is standing for LGBTQ rights. She delivered a persuasive speech for the GLAAD 2020 Awards.

Her Performance And Speech For The GLAAD Awards

She performed a song by the singer Shea Diamond. The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer was so confident delivering her speech. She mentioned in her message about self-love and acceptance, how love comes in every form and shape.

The singer, who has described herself as sexually “fluid” in the past, said-“Especially trans people of colour who face outrageous discrimination and danger.” “I’m so excited to be a part of the virtual GLAAD Media awards becauseĀ it’s never been more important to celebrate the acceleration of acceptance for the LGBTQI+ community,” she stated in her speech.

DEMI LOVATO – An Inspiration to the LGBTQ Community

“To all the trans youth, I want to make sure that you know that you matter,”- Demi Lovato. That’s hugely supportive of her for all those in the LGBTQ community. We admire her enthusiasm and an excellent contribution to the rights of this upcoming community.

Exclusive Details About Demi Lovato’s Engagement Ring

Demi Lovato,27, gave a pleasant surprise confirming her engagement with Max Ehrich,29. She posted a flashy picture of her diamond ring on July 22nd. Demi’s reaction was precious.

What Made It A Multimillion-Dollar Purchase

When the reporters exclusively spoke to the celebrity Jeweler Peter Marco.

Demi lovato

‘This wasn’t a spontaneous buy for Max.’ Mentioned Peter “He put a lot of love and effort into this ring,” Peter told us. “We were talking about it for six weeks. The number of texts, drawings that went back and forth, different ideas, different concepts. He put a lot of effort and love into this. His personality is to be a perfectionist with everything. The Ring is handmade. The Ring is done in platinum and has almost a carat of trapezoids on the side, so that means they’re a half-carat each.”


The Bigger, The Better- seemed to be the motto of Max while purchasing the Ring. Demi was overwhelmed with the result. “Not only did she reach out, but she came into my store to personally tell me,” Peter revealed.

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