Delhi Metro Resume Services After 169-Days. Read To Know The Proper Guide Limes!!

Delhi Metro Resume Services After 169-Days.

Significant relief to the citizens of Delhi as Delhi metro services resumes. On September 7 Delhi metro services started again. The service began after five months of suspension. The suspension took place due to the ongoing pandemic.

The services began at 7 am on Monday. The 49-km-long Yellow Line the first corridor opened as per the Centre’s guidelines. Proper measures put in place to maintain social distancing.

Delhi Metro Resume Services After 169-Days.

There was no rush in the first hour of resumption. Commuters said that they are happy to see the service finally resumed.

The reopening of the Delhi metro was a big relief of the commuters as it eases their travelling system. Kumud Priya, a commuter at Rajiv Chowk Metro Station, said, “I left early to ensure that I do not get caught in queues. At least till early morning hours, there was no rush, people are also responsibly following directions. The opening is a huge relief.”

Commercial activities and offices allowed to reopen under the Centre unlock guidelines. Commuters faced problem due to improper public transport facilities. The resumed Delhi metro service was a palliative measure to their trouble.

Delhi Metro Resume Services After 169-Days.

The government has asked to follow the proper measures. The government requested to avoid talking while travelling. The restriction on the number of passengers is another headache to the public.

Safety Measures At The Delhi Metro Stations

Extra staffs allotted at the stations for the inspection so that every individual follows the norms. Metal sticks attached rods used for frisking to insure social distancing. Cash and tokens were tried to avoid to prevent the spread of the virus. The service will fully function by September 12.



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