Delhi High Court Raps Telegram On Jagran E-Paper Row

Like whats app, Telegram is another multi messaging too. This was founded by Russian Enterpruner Pavel Durov. The features of the Telegram are almost the same at that of whats app. However, the unique thing about Telegram is Channel. The Channels in Telegram are similar to the groups on whats app. These channels can have admin credentials where multiple people can control it.

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One person can also operate the channel as the admin. Where the person can send the information in an only one-side way. This channel offlet has come into the controversy. It has become a controversy because a lot of pirated content is being sold on these channels. Pirate content is the intellectual property rights of the writer and the filmmakers.

Misuse Of Telegram

Some people are using this app to send the large scale vulgar and sexual scene content featuring children as well as women. Also, the terrorist groups are widely using the Telegram app for sending messages and documents. Telegram as an app offers increased anonymity. Further, Telegram offers the end to end encryption which further makes it difficult to recognize who owns the channel. Apart from this, people are using this app because it provides service for sending huge files and documents.

Jagran Prakashan
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Jagran Prakashan Limited has filed a case in Delhi High Court that Telegram is allowing people to make Channels. Through these channels, people are sending the e-papers of Jagran which in turn results in financial losses to the company. And it is violating the trademark right of the Company. Usually, the subscribers are required to pay for accessing the e-papers of the company. But an anonymous user is circulating these e-papers of Jagran Prakashan and this is resulting in financial losses to the company.

Direction by Delhi High Court

This Company has requested the Delhi High Court to issue certain Orders. The Delhi High Court has passed the directives asking Telegram to disclose the identity of the user who has created this channel and circulating the e-pdf which in turn resulting in loss to the Jagran Prakashan Company.  The High Court has also ordered Telegram to takedown all those channels which are indulging into similar copyright infringement activities.

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