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Delhi HC Urges For A Mechanism For Migrant Workers


There is a ‘dire need’ for creating a mechanism to register migrant workers, the Delhi High Court recently said. This will benefit them as it will protect and benefit. And they will benefit crafted under various schemes which the government passes to them.

Urge For An Affidavit

Justice Prathiba M Singh directed the Centre to file an affidavit giving details of the kind of portal it proposes to create for registration of migrant labourers across the country. Such a portal will have onboard all the state governments. So that the officials duly record and report ingress and egress of migrant labour.

During n the next date, respective officers from the Delhi government and the Union of India who are familiar with the above exercise shall join the hearing through video-conferencing. The court stated after observing that we need a mechanism for migrant workers.

Progress In The Current Act

The court said that while some progress appears to have been made under the Building and Construction Workers (BOCW) Act. Also, registration/grant of licences under the Inter-State Migrant Workmen Act of 1979 was almost negligible, if not nil. We need to alter this position and solve to ensure that migrant labour we adequately protect in terms of the Acts and benefits.

Centre’s Support

The court’s direction followed its perusing of the affidavits filed by the Centre and the Delhi government in response to a plea seeking implementation of the 1979 Act in the national capital. Additionally, this will include the appointment of registering officers, licensing officers, appellate officer and inspectors as provided under the said statute.

The Delhi government said there are no registered contractors under the said 1979 Act.

However, to register migrant workers under the BOCW Act of 1996, it stated there are various schemes for construction workers. The registration of these workers takes place through the e-district portal, the Delhi government said. They also added that during the COVID-19 lockdown period, officials disbursed financial assistance 39,600 registered construction workers.

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