Cyclone Amphan’s Predation

After landfall, super cyclone Amphan likely to maintain the intensity of cyclonic storm till tomorrow morning: IMD

Cyclone Amphan
Source-The Indian Express

Amphan’s Intensity

On the 20th of May, The Indian Meteorological Department put to the public eye, that the upcoming cyclone named Amphan will fill its wrath over the entire Bengal coast today evening.

And if this was not horrid enough, the Department has found out that it is likely to keep swirling north eastward across the whole Gangetic West Bengal, encompassing Bangladesh.

Only after creating this huge wreckage, will it come to a standstill. I’m supposing.

And this might go on till the 21st of May. Apparently so, Amphan will get saturated and weak over Bangladesh.

Technically, because of Amphan, the gale wind speed will be 90 mph and will swirl over the interiors of Nadia and Murshidabad.

It’s Wrath

This will continue for two days, 20th and 21st of May altogether.

This means we’ll get to see light to heavy rainfall in a few districts of the Gangetic West Bengal, as of now.

These few districts include Dinajpur and Malda, and so far as Sikkim, as well.

Perpetually, the Gangetic region as well as the sub-Himalayan region are one to be affected.

This inherently makes us focus on the slight damages in communication which will result because of the exceedingly powerful cyclone.

Cyclone Amohan 1
Source- Onmanorama Malayala Manorama


Power lines will be utterly damaged and incremented roads might see a toll as well.

Everyone, for that matter, are advised to stay indoors, so as to come out safe after the cyclone is done protruding its calamity-causing element.

Trees are likely to get uprooted and the cyclone can very much result in landfall.

The cyclone was around about 100 km southeast of Odisha in the morning and will cross the Bengal region tonight.

Amist Coronavirus and the death-defying situation, the cyclone comes as an added burden.

But well, nothing can ever be done to stop a natural cause. Nonetheless, precautions must be taken. This phase too shall pass, we believe.

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