Cristiano Ronaldo Drink Water Promotion Viral Video – Check Viral Memes

Cristiano Ronaldo was in the news recently. In fact, he has advised people to drink water instead of soft drinks. This video of him has become very viral. Due to this, the soft drink manufacturer has lost Rs 2 trillion so far. Viral memes have also been made.

Coca-Cola loses $4 billion after Cristiano Ronaldo removes soft drink bottles at the presser

Cristiano Ronaldo had removed the Coco-Cola bottle from his table and urged people to drink water in its place. His action has gone viral internationally and the Coco-Cola company has so far lost more than 2 trillion rupees.

Who is Cristiano Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo is a footballer. He is the most talked about and popular footballer. He is also famous on social media. His fan following is international. He has scored many goals. He also has many world records to his name. He is also a fitness freak. He is fitter than people. appeal to stay

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