Cricketer Rashid Khan Match Winning Batting: Lahore Qualifiers beat Islamabad

Cricketer Rashid Khan Match Winning Batting: Pakistan Super League T20 cricket league series started in Pakistan last February has been matching was immediately canceled and postponed due to corona damage to the players. The Pakistan Cricket Board required the outstanding matches to be played in Abu Dhabi. It was determined to hold the tournament from June 9 (yesterday) to June 24 with the approval of the United Arab Emirates.

Lahore Qualifiers-Islamabad teams played a multi-match series in yesterday’s match. Playing first, Islamabad United scored 143 for 9 in 20 overs.  Spinner Rashid Khan took 1 wicket for 9 runs in 4 overs. Baheem Ashraf top-scored with 27 off 24 balls.

The Lahore Qualifiers then proceeded on to win by 144 runs. Captain Sohail Akhtar scored 40 off 30 balls.

Lahore needed 23 runs in the last 2 overs. Hasan Ali threw that over. But the last ball gave up a six. Lahore scored 7 runs in the 19th over.

Rashid Khan, who gave up only 9 runs in 4 overs, took 15 off 5 balls to drive the team to success. He also won the Man of the Match award.

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