Coss Marte: Where Is He Now? Coss Marte: Update on My True Crime Story

Coss Marte: Where Is He Now? Coss Marte: Update on My True Crime Story

Coss Marte lived a good life in York and accumulated money as a drug lord until 2009. But, everything changed following his detention and subsequent detention in federal prison. When he arrived, the prison doctor advised him that he would not live long if he kept living the way he did. Coss changed his lifestyle, and after being freed from prison, he used his skills to achieve great things.

Who Is Coss Marte, anyway?

Although his mom was still six months pregnant, Coss Marta’s family relocated from the Dominican Republic to the United States. Coss was a great student who got good grades through his early years. However, after he tried marijuana for the first time when he was 11, he discovered he could easily make money from selling drugs. Consequently, Coss started selling cocaine and marijuana precisely as he had planned.

Coss accomplished academic and athletic excellence simultaneously. I didn’t think selling drugs was bad, he claimed. Coss was later discovered in his bedroom with ecstasy and taken to a rehabilitation center. There, his buddy taught them how to convert heroin into crack.

Where is Coss Marte right now?

Coss Marte was jailed for four years before being released in 2013. After that, he continued his practice and was included in CON BODY in 2014. Coss uses ex-offenders to teach fitness classes to create a boot camp atmosphere like a prison. With his namesake foundation, Coss Marte has evolved over the past few years into a supporter of individuals who are in prison. He has helped over 70,000 people and has worked with many prisoners.

With CONBODY, Coss just launched a marijuana shop in New York named CONBUD. His objective was to provide ex-offenders with a second opportunity by hiring them.

Coss, who now resides in New York, used to work as a resume writer for two years after his release. Coss also helped the establishment of Second Chance Studios. It’s a charitable group for electronic content that seeks to help employ and teach ex-offenders.

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